Big Event, Big Audience – Marketing During a Major Social Media Event

Social MediaBefore, big events brought people in front of their television sets. Now, in the age of social media, big events not only haul in millions of people to the TV but also to their social media profiles. They like talking about what’s happening, expressing their own views and finding the funny side.

This presents a rare opportunity for businesses to make a name for themselves in front of a wide audience. SEO services, in St. Paul or anywhere else, can help in finding the right space and time in the crowded world of social media for a perfect post. There will be much clutter in every major social networking site, but a well-placed post in a sea of retweets and shares can land an enterprise big business.

Dunking on Success, Like Oreo Did

Oreo probably brought social media marketing during big events into mainstream when they tweeted the “You can still dunk in the dark” picture. To put it in context, the Super Bowl match that year stopped because of some light issues. It’s pretty creative, and that’s why Oreo enjoys a considerable following online and is a staple during big events.

When it comes to using social media buzz for marketing, this might be the best example. It was appropriate for the event, the posts didn’t attack anyone, and it’s simple. During certain events involving social issues, it’s best to keep quiet though. This is to avoid saying the wrong thing and create a bad online reputation.

Minding Pre- and Post-Events

The anticipation and after effects of each big event is available for everyone to see, thanks to social media. These pre- and post-event happenings are part of the entire show. For the “before” preparation, use social media listening tools to gauge where the conversation is going. Using social media influencers also provide boost to a marketing campaign.

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The after part is essentially being a part of the customer’s life. As for events that just finished, continuous interaction with online users is perfect in keeping the brand alive even without a social media event.

Just be sure to identify which events bring social media users to their profiles. It’s not limited to award shows and ceremonials; premiere of TV shows, sporting events and big interviews are also crowd favorites.

Creating the right content is another matter, but a safe advice to create something that relates to the product or service. It also involves a lot of shares, retweets and reposts to consider the campaign a success. Don’t be shy, encourage users, provide incentives and watch the profits grow.