Back in Business: The Practical and Artistic Benefits of Letter Writing

The Benefits of Letter Writing in AucklandWriting letters was once the ideal, and perhaps only, means of dedicated communication. Today, it is considered a fashion statement, a choice for people with too much time on their hands. It’s actually a growing industry once more, thanks to many handwriting and art enthusiasts that encourage it. You too can be part of this advancing trend for the following benefits.

Improving Penmanship – A big setback brought about by modern technology is the removal of the complete use of your hands. What used to be a fully realised set of hand motions are now just fingers tapping along a keyboard or screen. Sometimes, all you have to do is speak aloud into a gadget's microphone for an application to create a full email. But many correspondences still rely on actual writing, which can make or break a conversation solely by legibility, which makes improving one's penmanship a vital faith.

Eye-catching Visuals – Calligraphy, penmanship, and handwriting are different means of communication which are related to similar mediums and purposes. They all possess one compelling virtue: they are beautiful to look at when done right. Run a search online for ‘beautiful handwritten letters’ in any century and you’ll see that people have an obsession with the crisp lines and even curves only hands can create. Honing the same skill can be as artistic as creating a painting or sculpture.

Customisability – While you can easily edit a font on your document via a program, there’s something spontaneous and masterful when it’s your own hands doing it. It offers variety, changeability and does not limit you to the available styles in the application. Field Rubber Ltd notes that from rubber seals, postage, and scented ink, you won’t run out of options for enhancing your artistry and work's customisability. What you can do for yourself, you can eventually offer as a service to others.

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Less than ten percent of people actually read emails today. Unless they’re expecting something from you or have a dedicated staff, it won’t be seen or be given any attention. Get back to basics and make that lasting impression with a hand-written note.