Australia has the 3rd Highest Number of Part-Time Workers Worldwide

Part-time job note on a keyboardAustralia’s population of part-time workers ranked as the third highest in the world in 2016, only behind Switzerland and the Netherlands, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Part-Time Growth

The RBA cited data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in determining the country’s rank. The average percentage of Australians who worked less than 30 hours in 2016 reached around 25 percent.

Switzerland had a slightly higher proportion of part-time workers, while those in the Netherlands reached an average of more than 30 percent.

Based on the RBA’s analysis of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, part-time workers comprised more than 30 percent of the workforce in 2017. The data excluded those working in the agriculture, forestry and fishing, and public administration and safety.

As the growth of part-time workers increased, employers in Australia should consider doing more background checks on candidates. Companies may apply for a criminal record check online, which serves as a good substitute for screening potential employees.

In Sydney alone, part-time jobs have risen while full-time employment has declined in recent years.

Sydney Jobs

SGS Economics and Planning’s Patrick Fensham said that Sydney’s employment market has an unequal ratio of part- and full-time jobs. Analysts observe this with a significant hit to household income since many people are unable to enjoy better pay and job security from working full-time.

In 2016, SGS data showed that businesses employed 2.6 million people in greater Sydney. These comprised 1.9 million full-time workers and 750,000 part-time employees. While this number may seem to have a huge disparity, employment in the city has grown only by 800,000 jobs in the last 10 years.

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The increase in part-time jobs in Australia indicated that more people are forced to take on a different approach to earn income, as landing full-time work seems to be a challenge.