At The End Of The Rainbow: 3 Colors To Lead You To Safety

Traffic signagesWhen you’re at work, it’s easy to get preoccupied with the task at hand. Being entirely focused on your work, while a plus for productivity, often causes you to disregard your surroundings. And, there can be a downside to being unaware of what’s happening around you – especially in the case of emergencies and potential work hazards, like slippery areas and other possible danger zones. Therefore, safety signs and symbols, as well as their respective colors, are required in each workplace. While there are many required safety colors across different industries and applications, here are three you should remember.


The color red is what we mostly see in films that have thriller scenes. This is because red symbolizes danger or shutdown. When you see the color flashing, it usually means that you must evacuate the premises immediately because something dangerous is about to happen. Red is also used for markers identifying fire protection gadgets and apparatus (such as alarms) and to indicate “stop” equipment, emergency bars, and buttons.


Yellow means that you should exercise caution in doing something involving the area or material that has the yellow label. Compared to red, the danger involved in yellow is not as imminent and indicates that you should proceed with caution. The color serves as a warning to follow whatever safety measures are in place to avoid a dangerous situation.


This color symbolizes first aid materials, escape routes, and such. Contrary to red and yellow, green means that there is no danger, so you can proceed. If you are in an emergency, it is a good idea to look for green markings because these generally indicate where the emergency exits are.

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Familiarizing yourself with the various safety symbols, signs, and colors around you is not only a matter of increasing your knowledge – it is also a way of heightening your sense of security.