Activities You Can Do During New South Wales’s Labour Day

Tourist bus on a highwayFor most countries, Labour Day is a public holiday. Australia is no different except for one thing, but the dates can be different among territories.

Western Australia celebrates it every first Monday of March. The second Monday, it will be Tasmania and Victoria’s turn. For those who are in Queensland or New South Wales, it will be on October 2.

So if you’re currently living in Sydney, it means it’s only a few months away. Planning should already be in the high gear. If you haven’t yet, here are some of the things you could do on that day.

Surf and swim in the Northern Beaches

A public holiday could mean droves of people into the city streets, malls, and restaurants. It can get maddening, which is why many people think of going to the Northern Beaches.

Famous for the sand, sea, and surf, Northern Beaches are accessible. You don’t have to stick to Manly Beach either. There’s Dee Why, which is perfect for families. You can also go to Mona Vale Beach for less-interrupted surf breaks.

There are many ways to get to Northern Beaches. But since Labour Day is a fun time to gather friends and family, Mona Vale Coaches suggests that bigger groups should consider hiring a bus. A bus hire to Northern Beaches is cost-efficient and safe. You can also add more places in your itinerary without the hassle.

Take a flight

Labour Day falls on a Monday, which means it’s a long weekend for you. You can now fly to Brisbane and Melbourne. It will take you less than two hours to get there. You can travel on Friday night and come back on Sunday evening or afternoon. This way, you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy a new environment.

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Enjoy a staycation

If travelling is not your thing, then perhaps a staycation is. Grab holiday deals offered by popular hotels in the city centre. Then take advantage of their facilities and services. These can include a massage, an infinity pool, or even a cheap city tour.

You’ve worked hard. It’s time to reward yourself. Do something fun and exciting this upcoming Labour Day.