7 Foods You Shouldn’t Miss When Dining in Cleveland, Australia

Dining in ClevelandCleveland is more than just Moreton Bay’s historical first settlement. A visit to this quaint Brisbane suburb means good food and drinks. After visiting the sights, enjoy a satisfying meal or two.

Here are seven foods you should savour in Cleveland.

Kangaroo Steak

Kangaroo meat is rich in lean protein and omega-6. It tastes better with a marinade of the region’s best red wines and fresh thyme.

Mooloolaba King Prawns

Pick up a bucket of the famous Mooloolaba king prawns for a hearty dinner in Cleveland after a day of kayaking or jet skiing on the river. You can also try the many varieties of wild-caught local seafood, such as crabs and barramundi, at the Mooloolah Market.

Snowberries and Finger Limes

Drive down the Sunshine Coast Trail and visit Cleveland’s neighbours, where you’ll find an abundance of local treats. Enjoy local fruits, such as snowberries and finger limes, or handmade cheeses, and ice creams with exotic flavours.

Hamburger with the Lot

This Aussie twist on the all-American staple gets rid of the pickle and mayonnaise. Instead, you get the traditional beef, cheese, onion and lettuce mixed with beetroot, pineapple, bacon and fried egg, all topped with a generous dollop of tomato sauce.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is the snack of choice for beachside fun or park picnics in Queensland’s city. Dip in vinegar or tomato sauce to make the British dish uniquely Australian.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are delicious, in any form: raw, roasted, salted, ground into nut butter or sprinkled over desserts. These ivory-coloured nuts are mildly sweet and healthy, too.

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No trip down to Cleveland, or the whole of Australia for that matter, is complete without getting a bite of pavlova. You cannot say ‘no’ to a combination of sweet meringue with fresh kiwis and strawberries, and rich whipped cream.

There are more savoury and sweet dishes to try in the Queensland city. But start with these seven delectable foods, wash it all down with a glass of sparkling Shiraz, and discover other gastronomic feasts in Cleveland.