4 Ways You Should Prepare Before Interviewing a Job Candidate

Job applicantsToo often, business leaders insist that candidates must show up to a job interview prepared, but do you as the interviewer also get ready for this important exercise? To make a successful hire, you must take the interviewing process very seriously. Here are four ways to get prepared, so you only hire the best employees.

Pre-screen each candidate.

When an advertisement goes out that you are looking to fill a vacancy in your firm, chances are you will be flooded with job applications. Weeding out the unsuitable applications should be done systematically. This includes doing a national police check online in NSW, so you only select candidates with no criminal history.

Define your objectives for the position.

No matter how many dozens of interviews you have done in the past, you should approach each interview differently. Set aside ample time to define what you are looking for before you start the recruitment process. What is the person expected to do? Check whether they have the technical skills to achieve that. Explain what performance expectations you have for the job.

Choose questions early in advance.

Some interviewers use job descriptions to structure their interviews. That is the wrong approach. Even worse is relying on your applicant’s resume to come up with questions for the interview. What you should do is select relevant questions to establish whether a candidate is a right fit for the position or not. The questions should be varied, from behaviour-based questions to cultural fit questions.

Select an interview team.

It is always best to have more than one person interviewing candidates. So, if possible, choose a relevant team to help you out. You could choose an HR representative and the reporting manager to make the interviewing panel.

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What you do before the day of the interview will play a significant role in determining whether you get an excellent member to join your team or not. By doing adequate preparation, you can make sure all your interviews yield the results you are hoping for.