4 Tips for Enjoying a Good Night’s Sleep in the Summer

HVAC systemMany people look forward to bright summer days with the thoughts of sailboats, bathing suits, and beach barbecues. But then again, there are oppressively hot nights when getting a shut-eye seems like an unachievable dream. Have you ever tried to relax in a hot sticky room? Thankfully, there are things you can do to sleep like a log, no matter the temperatures out there:

Fix your AC

As summer approaches, it’s a wise idea to examine if your air conditioner is in perfect state. Have a professional Niagara heating and air conditioning contractor fix it if it’s not, and do it quickly because they’ll definitely be busy this season. An efficiently working air conditioning unit can help you get through summer nights just fine.

Choose cotton sheets

During the sweltering heat of the summer, your satin, polyester, or silky sheets and pillow covers can make it impossible to sleep. Use them only for cooler nights. What you need now are sheets with fabric that allow ventilation in your bedroom. Lightweight cotton sheets, for example, are ideal for this purpose.

Wear less clothing

When it comes to wearing summer pajamas, go for less and loose. A soft cotton shirt and a pair of shorts are all you need. You could also go fully nude, although there are those who don’t like this idea.

Turn off the lights

All lights, including CFLs, give off some heat. Making sure that you switch off the lights reduces the amount of heat in the room. The great thing is that natural light tends to stay for some time into the night, so you can make the most of that.

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You don’t need to toss and turn all night as a result of the heat during the summer. If you’re creative enough, you will find that there are many strategies you can use to sleep soundly.