4 Mind-Boggling Ways Video Content Can Build Your Business

Do not underestimate the power of video content In recent years, content marketing has played a huge role in lead generation, customer experience, and brand loyalty. In fact, content marketing is so popular that 56 percent of modern-day marketers believe that a highly personalised content yields higher engagement rates. And when it comes to making customers happy, engagement is a huge factor.

But content doesn’t just mean blogs anymore. Lately, the battle in content marketing has taken a wild turn towards video marketing. When it comes to the type of content you need, video can help you crunch the numbers you need. This article shares a few statistics that will prove to you how powerful curated brand videos are and why you need to work with a reputable video production agency like Courage Media to optimise this new hot medium.

1. You can generate more leads every day through a video content.

One study shows that online video will be responsible for approximately 74 percent of all online traffic by 2017. This means that about 55 percent of online users will watch video content every single day. Given this scenario, it means that brands have more opportunity to get their message across to online users through a video content posted on YouTube, on their website and social media accounts.

2. You can increase the performance of your e-newsletters by adding a video content.

Video content is powerful not only on YouTube, but also Facebook. The same set of Insivia stats found that including the word “video” in the email subject of your e-newsletters can spike your open rates by 19 percent. And this is a big increase considering the fact that many people often delete the email without opening it.

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3. You can increase your website conversion page through a video content.

Insivia also found that a video posted on the landing page of a website can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80 percent!

4. You can increase the likelihood of an online purchase through video content.

In a report from StacksAndStacks.com, researchers found that online visitors are more likely to push through with an online purchase by as much as 144 percent after watching a video. This is directly compared to those online users who did not watch a video content.

Also, researchers discovered that 4 out of 5 online users believe that videos that demonstrate how to use a product are helpful. Moreover, nearly 50 percent of online users search for videos that are related to a service or product before they even visit a physical store to make a purchase.

Take advantage of this not so new medium and get your brand message across as well as demonstrate how well your products and services work. A video production company can help you come up with a campaign and walk you through the many ways video can help you subtly sell your brand online.