4 Essential Things to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

death of loved oneThe period following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. There’s so much to be done at such a painful period — from notifying relatives and friends to contacting a company offering funeral arrangements in Taylorsville.

McDougal Funeral Home will tell you things can quickly become confusing at a time when you need a clear mind. Hopefully, these four tips help you navigate the process much more smoothly.

1. Obtain death certificates.

Getting the death certificate for the deceased is the initial step you need to take following the death of your loved one. You can even order it through the funeral home you’ve decided to work with. The death certificate is vital for legal, financial and personal reasons.

2. Alert financial institutions.

As soon as you have the death certificate and any other relevant documents, you need to immediately alert insurance companies where your loved one had policies.

Notify savings and investment firms where the decedent kept accounts, as well as mortgages and credit card companies too. Don’t forget to notify the CRB to avert future identity theft.

3. Notify service providers.

It’s important to call utility companies to discontinue or change their services once your loved one has passed away unless they left behind people that will need to continue using those services.

Such services as internet and cable television will usually be immediately canceled, while gas, electricity and lawn care may continue for a while, so the home remains maintained.

4. Alert government agencies.

Make the relevant government agencies aware of the death of your loved one so they can start or end benefits. If the deceased had a spouse, they may qualify for certain survivor benefits from various government agencies.

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The sudden death of a loved one can be a difficult experience for those left behind. Making prompt and the right decisions can help make things much easier for every party involved.