3 Tips on Achieving a Great Passport Photo

woman holding her passportGetting the perfect passport photos are more challenging than it should be. Get it right and you could be on your way to having a wider world to explore. Get it wrong and you can end up feeling frustrated.

Fortunately, passport photography doesn’t need to be extremely stressful or complicated. If you want to take the perfect passport photo the first time, JayLynn Studios has three simple tips for you.

Dress Well

First, you need to take note of the things that are not allowed when it comes to passport photos. You need to take off your glasses or any other headwear, as these aren’t allowed. In addition, you can’t wear any uniform for your shoot. What you should wear is smart business attire that’s clean and pressed. While you might think that it needs to be all black and white or drab, that’s not necessarily true. You can also put some color as long as it isn’t too loud.

Use Makeup

While it’s true that you aren’t allowed to have any photo retouching done to your passport photo, you can use makeup. You should wear slightly heavier than normal foundation, as it will appear subtle in the photo. Even guys can benefit from a little bit of concealer to cover up the eye bags.

Practice the Pose

You don’t need to look all glum and gloomy when undergoing passport photography session. It’s true, though, that you need to maintain a neutral and straight-on look, but you can play a bit with your eyes to brighten up your portrait. Keep your chin straight and level to avoid looking larger in your photograph. In addition, be sure to sit up straight and roll back your shoulders so that you’ll look more confident.

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Follows these three tips and approach a great photographer to ensure sure that your photo will pass and you’ll look great on it.