3 Suggestions for Sales Managers in Dealing with Lazy Reps

Letting Go of an Underperforming RepWorking in sales is stressful. Amidst all the team meetings, coaching sessions, and huddles, they need to be focused on each call. As their manager, it is your role to ensure that your reps have the right tools and get the right skills training to enable them to do their job well. However, there are times that these tools are not enough. When dealing with unmotivated reps, pushing tools and more coaching sessions might not be the best idea. Here are some suggestions:

Show Them Their Numbers

Reps get access to their own dashboards, showing call activity among other metrics. If seeing a dip in those numbers do not light a fire in their bellies, call the worst offenders and show them your internal dash. KPI Fire suggests that a quick peek at the executive KPI dashboard, showing how they stack against their peers may be a good idea. It sends a clear message that they’re falling behind and would need to step it up if they want to keep their job. It’s a bit harsh, but unproductive reps are deadweight in a team and can cause more harm beyond lost deals.

Assign Them a Buddy

Some reps may truly be struggling with certain aspects of the sales process. Have a rep with good metrics assist them for a couple of days to help pinpoint the areas they need help with. Having a peer with them may be better than having a manager with them during a call. The other rep should be taking notes during the call so you can discuss it with them later. From there, offer feedback and an action plan that addresses the troubled rep’s weaker points.

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Let Them Go

There are some situations where the best thing to do is to part ways with an underperforming rep. If you have explored different ways to address their performance issues, the burden to perform is all on them. Ultimately, you are a manager working for another boss. Their poor performance will reflect on yours if they continue to stay on the team despite exhausting various avenues to help them out.

Being a sales rep, one cannot expect to simply coast through daily tasks and still make it. As their manager, you can only do so much. Be reasonable, but firm. If all else fails, you know what to do.