3 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy During Your Stay in Buena Vista, Colorado

Scenic highway in ColoradoA search for an ideal vacation destination within the United States may just stop once the intending tourist finds Buena Vista in Colorado. As a picturesque town seemingly placed delicately between towering mountain peaks and the lovely Arkansas River, Buena Vista is a perfect destination at any time of the year. It even seems possible to go back in time by visiting some locations within the town.

Tourism is one of its five major areas of employment and considering the town’s median resident age of 40.2 years old, it is easy to see how the youthful zest applied to its burgeoning tourism industry enables it to thrive. The town’s population of 2,730 by 2014 had about 96% located in its urban areas. Other than the attractions of history and nature in Buena Vista, a Mexican cantina is a staple for tourists who desire to sample a cuisine distinct to this town.

Three outdoor activities awaiting any tourist include the following:

Scenic Drives

Tourists never get tired of the sights of the towering mountains. The temptation to take pictures is irresistible during the entire two-hour drive covering a distance of approximately thirty-six miles. Cottonwood Pass, the second highest mountain pass accessible by automobile in the US, is one of the most famous attractions. The 14,000 feet Collegiate Peaks Overlook Drive is awesome through its ten miles and thirty minutes’ drive while the Highway of the Fourteeners is touted as one of the best scenic drives of the Rockies.

Hot Springs

Aficionados of nature treats will simply love the Buena Vista Hot Springs. Totally lacking in any odor while brimming with revitalizing qualities, Cottonwood Hot Springs and Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort are two popular locations for a relaxing treat.

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Culinary Delights

No matter what the visitor’s flavor of choice might be, Buena Vista is able to match the taste. Delicacies that satisfy the palate of diverse cultures, as well as Asian, local and Chinese food are readily available.

Anyone looking for a world away from the regular life and the opportunity to get back in tune with nature will find Buena Vista a perfect destination. Mexican cantina stands out as one of its major attractions.