3 Must-Have Power Tools for Flooring Contractors

Power Tools

Are you planning to start a flooring installation company? While you may have the skills to run it, you and your staff still need a set of tools that can make your jobs easier. However, there are hundreds of tools and equipment to choose from! So to help you in this matter, here is a list of must-have power tools for flooring contractors.

  1. Nailing Machines

Floor installations involve a lot of nailing time. But with the help of nailing machines, you can reduce nailing time to a minimum, as well as eliminate time spent reaching for nails during the job. Nailing machines are available in different styles and models. Pneumatic nailers, for instance, use compressed air to operate, so they work faster, but they require you to be more safety-conscious.  Shop around for a variety of nailing machines and see which one meets the needs of most of your jobs.

  1. Floor Sanders

Whether the floor is newly installed or not, sanding it can give it a cleaner look. As you will sand for most of your flooring jobs, you need to purchase a quality sander. According to HerrickIndustrial.com, one of the most efficient sanders is the drum sander as it works well with almost all types of wood finish. But you have to remember, drum sanders can be too aggressive for unfinished wood. Also, look for a sander with a power-on lock. With this feature, you don’t have to keep pressing down the power button to keep the machine moving.

  1. Portable Shop Vacuum

It is a given fact that you should never leave a job without cleaning up. To prevent your workers from spending too much tidying up the client’s floor area, make sure you have a supply of powerful portable shop vacuum. Just remember to purchase vacuums with wide wheels to avoid damage or marring to the newly installed flooring.

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Include these three power tools on your shopping list! These tools are not just essential to your business, but they could also make your staff more efficient. In turn, they have more time to provide services to more clienteles.