3 Malay Pre-Wedding Customs and Traditions You Need To Know

Couple putting a gold ringThere are many intricacies in a Malay wedding that you need to understand if you’re planning for one. While you’re busy looking for Malay wedding venues in Singapore such as Lagun Sari, it’s also important to some of the traditions involved in a Malay wedding so you can better plan for your special day. Here are some of the pre-wedding customs and practices involved in a Malay wedding and why they’re important.

  1. The Marriage Preparatory Course

This two-day marriage preparatory course is often conducted in Islamic organizations and mosques. The goal is to provide soon-to-be-wed couples with the basic knowledge of what married life is like. Couples are introduced to married like money management, in-law relationship as well as wedding budget management. While it is no longer compulsory since 2015, many couples are still encouraged to attend the course to help prepare them for their life together in matrimony.

  1. The Henna Night

Also called Berinai, the Henna Night conducted at least two days before the actual wedding rites. This is when the bride’s hands are tainted with henna to symbolize the newly wedded status. While it is also not compulsory, many couples still choose to observe this age-old practice. During Berinai, couples can opt to invite some close friends and family to witness the symbolic henna session.

  1. The Betrothal Gifts

This is when couples give each other gifts before the wedding rites. These gifts can range from perfumes to food, or it could be anything that the other half likes. Couples can give a lot of gifts to each other as there is no rule as to the number of gifts you can give.

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Preparing For the Big Day

All these customs and practices can help couples prepare for a lifetime together as man and wife. Of course, having a wedding planner can help you in the other wedding preparations such as looking for the right Halal caterer. Just like in any other wedding, the food served in a Malay wedding is always a highlight so finding the right caterer ensures that your guests will have a great time.