3 Key Figures in a Business Undertaking

a business meetingWhen it comes to selling your very own products or services, a lot of important factors will come into play. And some of them are the key figures that’ll surely have an impact on your business. Read on to know more about three of these vital players.


As operating a business is no small undertaking, you’ll need the help of other people. Suppliers, for one, will provide you the goods you’ll require for the creation of your product or service. Additionally, you can partner with resellers to help you sell your goods.

When working with resellers, just make sure to set your minimum advertised price policy for the lowest price your product can be advertised and your list price for your product’s recommended retail price.


Conversely, you’ll have competitors that you must keep tabs on. You can do this by monitoring their social media posts, their print, radio, or TV advertisements, their latest promotions, and so on.

Take note of what they’re doing right — and wrong, for that matter — and put your own spin on it, so you can adapt it for your own business. Monitoring your competitors should help your business keep pace with or even stay ahead of the competition.


The customers, of course, are considered the lifeblood of any kind of business. They’ll be the source of your profits. Aside from quality products or services, satisfy your customers by providing excellent customer service, which should include before-, during-, and after-sales customer care experience.

You’ll get a clearer idea of what your customers need and want by conducting market research or by simply putting up a suggestion or comment box in your store.

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Your partners, competitors, and customers are just some of the important factors that’ll impact your business, and there are others still. Be sure to know about them, then, to better equip your business for success.