2016: The Year of Videos is Coming Soon…Still

Video MarketingNearly half of 2016 has passed and the year is proving to be a time for improved marketing campaigns. You’ve made all those strategies to implement this year…but have you really done them?

Are you using the right tools to achieve your goals?

If video marketing is not included in your advertising strategy, then you’re missing out. Videos aren’t just pleasant afterthoughts—it’s the best chance to take your strategy to the next level.

Dominating Marketing Objectives

According to LittleRavenPictures.com, an SEO expert, videos are more than just silver bullets. It’s not some magic potion that will automatically grow your business. But if you use it right, you can accomplish so much more.

For example, adding relevant video content to your website will increase your chances of ending up on the first page of Google search results by up to 53x. It can also double your click-through rates and outperform other forms of content marketing.

A Top of the Funnel Pick?

Don’t be fooled; video marketing doesn’t stop with just explainer videos. There are numerous opportunities for brands to offer content to consumers through their journey. It will educate them and make the decision easier.

Keep in mind that awareness-stage videos are the best ways to encourage higher conversion rates. By implementing videos on the website, expect your bounce rates to drop significantly.

Make them Feel the Love

Video marketing helps you connect better with people. Remember, strong content shows people that you care about your brand. Positive emotions also affect how your viewers decide on your products. By presenting them as stories, you make them unforgettable.

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A great video marketing strategy taps into ways the human mind can never process. If you can’t express things properly in words, rely on the power of video to change the decisions of your consumers. Images will touch them where it matters most.